Why Do Not The International Top Shirts Is Not Pursued

- Sep 30, 2017-

Buying high-end shirts in foreign countries, big men's shirts customers and often have a question: why these top brands of cotton shirts are not free hot function?

In fact, not only shirts, the European luxury brand of handmade custom wool fabric suit is the same easy to wrinkle hot People advocating wearing natural materials, clothing, wrinkles are the natural characteristics of natural materials, appropriate attention (such as wearing a hanging clothes so that the natural vertical, etc.) will not become a disadvantage.

In fact, people who wear high-grade shirts, certainly have a lot of shirts rotation, this case refused to chemical-free treatment is a natural, taste is also environmentally friendly thing.

Some customers in Taobao above found a large international shirts, so you can imagine, you can tell him that this stuff is true or false.

At the same time, from the perspective of environmental protection and human protection to take the card, free hot function not only a few more specialized chemical processes, the late removal of chemical substances in the process is very difficult to completely remove harmful substances.

Moreover, by showing customers the market can often see the well-known brands to know, after the practice of non-iron treatment, greatly damaged the inherent properties of cotton, shirts fabric feel hard even polyester fabrics are not as good, and custom custom shop custom Of the senior mercerized cotton fabric excellent skin touch can be described as a world of difference, really worth the candle.

Top men's shirts do not with the needs of the general class and forced to avoid finishing, a certain point of view is based on some aristocratic aristocratic life. Old aristocratic class have servants free of clothing, or send someone to wash

Clothing, or send someone to wash.

So the real aristocracy is never wearing a hot shirts.

Blended with the relationship between cotton, is already a cliché problem. Americans like to wear blended or chemical fiber fabrics, why, first of all because of cheap, and then because of their thick face, hard fabric does not affect their wearing feelings, do not want oriental skin delicate. By

Asians wear blends, more uncomfortable. Those blunt shirts, whether it is blended, or liquid ammonia. Especially through the liquid ammonia treatment of the shirts, known as cotton shirts, but it has all the characteristics of cotton fiber damage, and feel a bit like wearing a layer of tin skin in the body, the actual value is not as blended fabric.

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