We need to pay Attention to determine the Workwear fabric color

- May 09, 2017-

When Enterprises custom workwear, generally, they will make a sample as the fabric and color they chose in advance , the real to see the physical effect. But today we are here to mention, conditions permitting to look at the physical fabric color. In particular, can not face to face or choose the color of clothes through the network situation.


Now a lot of buyers purchase the clothes through the network, is generally to see the photos or the artwork design of the clothes. Before, one salesman reflected this situation: he already cooperated with the customer second times, they are not in the same area. Customers saw the artwork design, very satisfied it and placed an order to him immediately. Everything goes well in production, but when the clothes is finished and sent to the customer, the customer said the color of the clothes is not the color he confirmed, is not same with the artwork design. Where is the problem? The artwork design of the clothes the color is dark green, the salesman marked army green on it, so he purchased the army green fabric. Fortunately, his customer accepted the wrong fabric color because his explanation and apology.


Let us analyze, if the salesman mail the corresponding color of the fabric to the customer after the customer saw the artwork design, , the problem will not be happened. So we have to summarize, the fabric must be based on physical choice, the manufacturers on the same area with customer can give the fabric brochure directly, the manufacturers on the different area with customer can send the fabric sample to him to avoid some unnecessary situation.

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