The Function And Performance Of Reflective Coveralls

- Jun 13, 2017-

We know that reflective strips are a very common safety device that can reflect the ambient light at night, thus alerting passers-by and drivers. The application of reflective strips is very extensive, in many Coveralls also have applications, such as protective clothing, Coveralls, uniforms and so on.

Here's what the performance is:

First, diversity: reflective strips in order to meet the characteristics and uses of other products, with reflective word paste film, reflective plastic mold, reflective yarn, etc., so that can facilitate the choice of customers.

Second, durability: Reflective bar has a good anti-aging performance, washable and wear-resistant and performance. Can dry cleaning can also be washed, not easy to fall off.

Third, wide-angle: Reflective bar Not only has wide-angle, but also in the reflective effect of the upper arm of the other products better.

Common custom-made Coveralls cleaning notes, Coveralls cleaning according to the different materials and the different types of sticky items to take the corresponding method to clean, the following small series to introduce a simple description of the various situations under different Coveralls should be how to wash, I hope to help everyone.

General Washing Precautions

1. Sweater: Use cold wash fine soak for 2-3 minutes (not to soak too long, otherwise will damage the color of the eye of the Coveralls), rinse with water after the large towel to dry, and then flat to dry.

A. Rinse, can also be folded, in the laundry bag in the dehydration, and then flat to dry.

b. If the use of soft fine, not directly on the clothing, should first be diluted with water, and then put the clothing.

2. Rayon clothing: The most ideal for dry cleaning, if washed, dry after the need to flatten to iron.

3. Cotton:

A. It is not appropriate to wash with the towel, otherwise the dander will stick to the Coveralls.

b. Do not wash with hot water or dry.

C. The Coveralls with different shades of color should be washed separately to avoid staining.

4. Piñon: Should be sent to a professional laundry to do special treatment.

5. Footwear Category:

A. After cleaning the cloth, stand upright and use the paper towel to avoid direct contact with the sun.

b. White cloth shoes can not soak too long, because there is a layer of HUANGBU.

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