Shirts Production Quality Control Links

- Jun 13, 2017-

To ensure the quality of the shirts production, first in the production must be prepared before the various technical documents, distributed to the process, inspection, production and other departments and the workshop, and the need for processing technical documents, such as drawings, process cards, Directly meet, to ensure that the operator in the processing process can easily use these technical documents. The more complete the preparation of these production, the continuity of the production process, the more balanced the guarantee, improve the quality will have a good environmental conditions.

Production preparation also includes determining the arrival time, quantity and quality of fabrics and other accessories to be able to interface with the production plan. Key equipment (such as buried folder machine), key work to avoid overload. To ensure that the production of equipment in good condition, to meet the technical requirements, and equipment repair plan. Correctly arrange labor force, so that workers with higher technical level are arranged in key processes and key equipment. Inspectors and operators should have the necessary measurement tools, which should be within the validity period of the cycle test.

Shirts production to go through many processes, we need to focus on the control process called quality management point. These quality management points are the quality characteristics, key parts, weak links and dominant factors that need to be controlled under certain conditions during certain period of time. It can be a product or part of a quality characteristics, such as shirts size; can also be a key part of the key processes, such as placket appearance, Shang collar, Shang sleeve.

The quality point of the shirts is set as the right page table.

Shirts production quality control from the following aspects.

1. Cloth inspection

Fabric inspection is the first line of the shirts processing is also a crucial level, only qualified products to enter the next process, some of the fabric defects in the processing process is difficult to eliminate, directly affect the quality of finished products, such as coarse yarn , Broken yarn, neps, holes, oil and so on. Fabric inspection can be divided into the following specific content:

(1) in the standard light source light box under the use of inspection cloth for each cloth to be tested, there are defects in the cloth edge of the signs, for more defects in the fabric or the presence of unacceptable defects in the fabric should be used as appropriate Or return to the supplier.

(2) color test, compared with the same cloth cloth head, cloth and cloth tail color, with the color card to check the color of each cloth.

(3) shrinkage, fabric shrinkage directly affect the stability of the shirts size, shrinkage is too large fabric is not conducive to control the shirts size.

(4) the amount of inspection, to ensure that the amount of fabric production, so to complete the order by volume.

(5) fabric structure inspection, test cloth tightness, thickness, density, whether to meet the requirements.

2. Intermediate test

Inspection can be in many forms, according to the order of the work process can be divided into the purchase inspection, process inspection and finished product inspection, according to the test site can be divided into fixed inspection and flow test, according to the number of tests can be divided into full inspection and sampling test. The middle of the inspection process in the shirts is mainly based on the combination of process inspection and flow inspection of the main test methods to prevent the production process does not meet the conditions of sewing, sewing, size and other defects in the production, so that effective prevention and Control bad product.

(1) process inspection

Process inspection is a test in the process. Process inspection not only to test the processing quality of the process, but also to test the quality of the process process factors. Its role is to prevent the bad goods into the next process, and to prevent the emergence of a large number of bad products. Process inspection can be divided into one by one process inspection and a few process inspection. By-pass process inspection to ensure the quality of processing more effective, but the inspection workload is greater. For the shirts business, are generally used to test a few processes, the inspection point is mainly located in the quality of easy fluctuations or the impact of the quality of the key products of the key processes, or out of the waste can not repair the process, such as the collar, And other processes before the merger and open the door and other non-reworkable procedures before the semi-finished products to be tested before proceeding.

(2) flow inspection

Flow inspection, also known as the tour test, is a full-time inspector to the operator's workplace for the inspection. Through the tour inspection can be found in the production process of instability and to correct, to prevent the production of defective products, but also to facilitate full-time inspectors to guide the operator.

Inspection inspection, the inspector according to a certain number of inspection routes and the number of tour, the process of processing semi-finished products, finished product quality, the operation of the implementation of the process of workers, process control chart on the arrangement of ideas, as well as waste separation an examination. Shirts in the sewing process, whenever the semi-finished products to be stitched, have to go through a special staff to check the middle to ensure that semi-finished products are qualified products to prevent bad products into the next process

3. Product testing

Finished product inspection is also known as the final inspection, is a comprehensive inspection before the product storage. This is the necessary measure to prevent the substandard products from leaving the factory. After the finished product inspection by the inspection department to issue a certificate of qualified products. In the garment processing enterprises, the finished product testing mainly concentrated in the appearance of clothing, packaging, packaging materials, such as the end of the test process.

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