Shirts Fabric And Work The Main Quality

- Jul 17, 2017-

Summarize the experience of Shirts fabric selection:

1, do not promote the business of "island cotton" "high-count cotton" as the only measure, not only biased, and these concepts have been stolen.

2, must be recognized, due to the development of the history of the gap, imported fabrics and domestic fabrics there is a de facto ladder gap, should be preferred to import fabrics.

3, iron-free technology is not perfect and healthy environmental protection, do not have to pursue too much. High-grade Shirts never to iron as the necessary technology, luxury consumption is often and "spend more time maintenance" associated.

Accessories should be imported brands of wire, imported brand lining, natural materials such as buttons. 22 inches per inch is not only subject to the wire, the same subject to fabric, lining and other material quality, which are reflected in the quality of high-quality Shirts. In addition, based on the "aristocratic clothing and supplies should be made of pure natural materials," the principle of high-level Shirts buttons are usually shells or precious stones and other natural materials, will not use although the appearance of beautiful but the chemical production of resin, glass And other non-natural materials. It is noteworthy that many "diamond" "crystal" is actually artificial materials, should pay attention to screening. As we know the famous Swarovski crystal, known as "Austrian crystal", the real name is "high lead glass", its high price is mainly by the glass modeling and design process, as well as brand culture and image of the premium to create, the material manufacturing costs Very cheap, left the design and brand value is not big.

Shirts work, suture density is not only on behalf of the level of technology, also represents the level of fabric, not sophisticated and sophisticated fabrics and high-grade wire is unable to achieve a higher density. Special attention Note: The industry standard 22-inch per inch is not 22 points per 3 cm, 2.54 cm per inch, 3 cm 22-pin is only equivalent to 18 inches per inch. (The left and right placket on the grid symmetry, shoulder stripes and left and right sleeves and stripes match, collar sharp on the left and right symmetry, the shoulder part of the grid symmetrical) is the basic principle, buttonhole lock is fine must be craft. Other package seam and other technical requirements are not detailed, in addition to ordinary customers or to visual Shirts part of the sewing is not convex, the appearance of whether the week is no obvious uneven or stitching and so on. This article comes from

In the fabric and workmanship on the basis of the two main quality, high-quality good Shirts, normal wear and maintenance conditions in the washing life is generally 200 to 500 times (except pure white Shirts), according to the day of wearing a day, you can wear 4-10 year. Ordinary Shirts due to sparse fabrics, accessories, low durability and poor workmanship and other reasons, wear 1 - 2 years later, because the perception becomes obsolete or fabric becomes thin, it is not suitable for wearing. From this perspective, buy a high-quality Shirts is also a good hedge against consumption, more cost-effective.

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