Know The Whole Process/semi-process Of The Workwear Fabric

- May 09, 2017-

When custom workwear, manufacturers will often mention the fabric is the whole process of fabric concepts, then what is the whole process fabric? The whole process generally refers to: from the beginning of the embryo to the singeing, desizing, mercerizing, pre-shrinking, dyeing, drying, fixing, high-temperature stereotypes of a cotton production process all links are essential. The whole process does not include sanding, waterproof, anti-fouling and so on.

Semi-process: generally refers to a few links which can be omitted do not do. For example: If the finished product of the latitude and longitude to the shrinkage rate is not high, you can not do pre-shrinking, so that the shrinkage of the embryo will become smaller and elongation (that is, into the 1000-meter fabric to produce more than 1,000 meters). If you can do more than 900 meters pre-shrinking finished products. Or desizing of the process are on the fabric feel, comfort has a great impact.

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