How To Identify The Quality Of Coveralls

- Jul 06, 2017-

For the human body, Coveralls need to be satisfied with the two functions of the human body:

First, the clothing must be satisfied with the function of beautifying the body A; color distribution is very important.

Second, the clothing is necessary to meet the function of human movement, the factory clothing code to loose the main.

Clothing is not a simple copy of the shape of the human body shape, but the shape of the human body is summarized in the simplified, flat and dress, retouching and so on. Suit custom made in accordance with the human body, but can not be completely equivalent to the human body. So from what aspects of the identification of Coveralls is good or bad?

First, the appearance of Coveralls: Coveralls should be clean, flat, symmetrical, folding correct, all parts of the ironing level, no leakage, no dead fold, product wireless head, yarnless hair.

Second, the size of Coveralls: clothing model set, must be "clothing model series" standard of the relevant provisions. The size of the specification is limited by the tolerances permitted by the standard.

Third, the Coveralls of the color: color is the demand for Coveralls fabric. According to the national standard on the color of the provisions of the clothing collar, bag fabric, pants side seam is the main part of the color is higher than four, the other surface parts of the four.

Fourth, the defects of Coveralls: the standard provides that each independent part of the permit is only allowed to a defect. That is, there are defects on the film, in this independent parts of the pockets and bags on the cap is not allowed to have any defects. The type of defect varies depending on the fabric.

Fifth, the Coveralls of the clothes: in the needle from the density specified in the line (including the dark line, but not see the line) pitch, every 3cm 14-18 pin. Many varieties of fabric, in order to ensure the appearance of products and solid, different fabrics should choose a different pitch. Such as hard fabric stitch can be a little thin, soft texture of the needle pitch can be a little dense.

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