How To Identify High Quality Shirts

- Jul 17, 2017-

Ordinary shirts and fine shirts cut is very different. For example, vacation shirts, do not pay attention to tailoring. Home shirts, relaxed and comfortable mainly, naturally do not pursue tailoring. High-level shirts to use with the dress and dress, and dress and suit the same function, emphasizing the modified body lines, the pursuit of elegant and noble visual experience, in the cut fit, and according to the wearer's body, Naturally very particular about.

In terms of shirts, the European British France and Italy are the birthplace of the shirts, a long history of aristocratic culture in the clothing culture, forming their own tailoring style. Which is the most famous way to cut the French clothing. The traditional French clothing pay attention to fit fit, French tailoring shirts and therefore become synonymous with high-level shirts. So far a variety of styles of dress shirts are used in French shirts stacks, is the French shirts to the famous example of noble.

And the suit is different from the shirts of the tailoring, not necessarily have to be tailored, unless the stature is indeed special, such as the waist is particularly large or stature particularly fat. Ordinary middle and low shirts fit, mainly in the collar and sleeves, the body part of the body does not pay attention to fit, so the models are often only a label. High-level shirts in addition, also pay attention to the arm and body part of the fit, so a good shirts brand generally has more than three models, respectively, for fat, standard, thin and other stature, each with different tailoring Open film design, repair the body can not be pleated by a simple way to handle the waist, because it is neither beautiful nor high-level shirts attention to the characteristics of three-dimensional cut. This article comes from

For example, Eabri brand shirts, it is divided into standard, self-cultivation and other models, and other brands from the cost of considering only a single type of practice compared to allow you to wear more fit. From the waist and chest than the point of view, O-as a whole loose and sleeves and shorter length, suitable for stature rich state convex people; H-type waist 6-8 cm for the standard size; Y-size compared to H-type waist Up to 16-18 cm, suitable for stature thin men, unique for Eabri. In addition, the body close to the standard but a little fat people choose the shirts will generally choose large 1-2, so often the phenomenon of long sleeve length, Eabri shirts main product Zunxuan series sleeve has a special design, you can Through the self-re-ironing cuff fold line will shorten the sleeve length of 1.2 cm, to facilitate such customers to wear more fit. Eabri models also have a lot of experience in the accumulation, please refer to the French Eabri models of the characteristics of the shirts and men's clothing size table.

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