How To Choose Coveralls In High Temperature Summer

- Jun 26, 2017-

With the arrival of high temperatures in summer, many companies have prepared for the staff of the summer uniforms, summer high temperature sweat Coveralls worn on the body for a while on the wet, so we choose the summer uniforms to pay special attention to let the staff wear Comfortable summer Coveralls. Here are Tangshan dress for you to answer the selection of summer uniforms standard:

1. Hygroscopicity: summer Coveralls require good moisture absorption, so as to wear soft and comfortable

2. Heat resistance: Coveralls with heat resistance, wear at room temperature, will not have any impact on it.

3. Comfort: Coveralls need to wear at least 8 hours a day to work, so the comfort of Coveralls is very important.

4. Alkali resistance: Alkali resistance is not only conducive to cotton overalls fabric dyeing, printing and a variety of processing, but also conducive to the pollution of the washing.

5. Antistatic: The heat transfer coefficient is very low, it has a very good antistatic.

Coveralls are divided into two categories: organic Coveralls, service lotion and inorganic Coveralls. The inorganic work suit builder is dissolved in water and dissociated into charged ions, adsorbed on the surface of the dirt particles or fabric, facilitating the peeling and dispersion of the dirt. Commonly used inorganic Coveralls are sodium tripolyphosphate, water glass, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, sodium perborate and so on. Organic builders have the effect of preventing soil reprecipitation, commonly used organic Coveralls builder with sodium carboxymethyl cellulose. In addition, there are fluorescent whitening agent, enzyme preparations, colorants and fragrances.

Soft water function: sodium silicate on the softening ability of water is very strong, Ca2 +, Mg2 + binding capacity of 300mg / g and 400mg / g. The reason is that sodium silicate is an ordered arrangement of polymerization structure, in ordinary hard water sodium ions will soon be water Ca2 +, Mg2 + replacement, while stabilizing the sodium silicate network structure.

Stable pH Performance: When the lg layer of sodium silicate is contained in each liter of water, the pH of the aqueous solution can reach 9.5-12, thus providing and maintaining the desired alkalinity during the washing process, giving the detergent a full wash performance The

Anti-redeposition capacity: Sodium silicate can save 20% of the active composition in medium hardness water compared to other Coveralls builders (such as sodium tripolyphosphate, 4A zeolite, sodium metasilicate) (Decontamination index of 1.5) and 4A zeolite, sodium metasilicate (decontamination index of 1.1) 0 it can effectively change the fabric of the hardening of the phenomenon of fiber, the dirt particles and Grease has a good suspension, can play a good anti-settling capacity.

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