Down Vest True And False Identification

- Jun 26, 2017-

Fake Down Vest is often close to the fabric of the place floc layer of feathers, stickers of the site is the bladder of cotton. Buy hands carefully touch a mold, if the inside and outside feel different, one side to work out the hair stems, and the other side is very soft may be fake goods.

With both hands from the inside and outside the same part of the internal filler to the same direction in the same direction of the beat, if the inside of the Xu are down, it will be due to shoot a part of the down focus, while the other part of the mezzanine, toward the light of a place Will find that part of the light. If the inside of the figure in the cotton, there will be no sandwich phenomenon.

Put the down vest flat on the table, with both hands gently tapping, if it is down, the fluffy degree is high; otherwise if the real, it may contain acrylic cotton. 2 down jacket quality identification: "see": see whether the product quality label.

The standard quality label consists of three parts: the percentage of the amount of cashmere, the weight and texture of the filler, and the name of the manufacturer. Fabric is the most intuitive. Down jacket fabric should have anti-cashmere, wind and breathable performance, especially in the most important to prevent cashmere. The quality of the fleece depends on the yarn density of the fabric used. In general, the cotton anti-velvet fabric surface layer of wax, heat resistance, but poor wear resistance; anti-fleece nylon fabric durable, anti-cashmere good, but afraid of fear of drying. In contrast, the purchase of TC fabric down jacket is better.

Down vest can not dry clean

In the inside of the Down Vest, are sewn with a small label with maintenance and washing instructions, careful people will find that 90% of the Down Vest marked to hand wash, avoid dry cleaning, because dry cleaning with the potion will affect the warmth, Aging cloth. The machine wash and dry, was twisted after the Down Vest, easily lead to uneven thickness of the filler, making the clothing shape, affecting the beauty and warmth.

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