Down Vest Overall Way Of Cleaning

- Jun 01, 2017-

Down vest light, warm, comfortable, is the winter when the cold and good to the best of the water. But because of its lining of the filler for the feathers, cleaning methods do not appear caking, peeling, folds and other issues, so when cleaning the vest to pay attention to, so as not to cause damage to the clothes. So how do you clean down the vest?

Down vest points in two, one is washed, one is dry cleaning. Before cleaning, please check the Down Vest washing label, for dry cleaning, it is recommended to a professional dry cleaners to clean, if washed, it is recommended in accordance with the following content for hand washing:

First, the Down Vest local obvious stains and the overall dirty can be used as a whole way of cleaning:

1, keep the clothes dry, take the cleaning fluid directly applied to the stains, standing for 5min (if the stain is more serious, you can use a soft brush gently brush back and forth stains, or gently wipe the stains with a clean towel) (such as down jacket No obvious stains, can proceed directly to step 2);

2, the down jacket into the addition of cleaning fluid or laundry liquid (to remove the amount of detergent used in pre-coating) in the water, gently kneading;

3, stains removed, with the water thoroughly rinse the clothes clean, put in a ventilated place to dry.

Note: After the Down Vest is washed, can not be wring dry, should be out of water; will be down the tread vest or tile on the back of the mouth, to not drip, on the back of the ventilation drying, can not be exposed or drying; When you dry, you can use the hand or small stick gently tapping, can make the feather to restore the natural fluffy state, but also conducive to fill thoroughly dry, to prevent mold; the final dry down jacket with breathable bag, In a dry and ventilated wardrobe.

Second, down jacket partial dirty can take local cleaning way:

1, to keep the clothes dry, take down jacket cleaning fluid or hand wash special laundry liquid directly applied to the stains, put it aside for 5min (if the stain is more serious, you can gently brush back and forth with a soft brush brush, or gently wipe with a clean towel stains );

2, stains removed, with a clean towel dipped in water, wipe the place with a washing liquid solution, and then rinse with detergent rinse the place, completely remove the detergent residue liquid;

3, down vest clean, put in a ventilated place to dry.

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