Custom Workwear Needs To Pay Attention To Several Issues

- Dec 06, 2016-

1, and customized overalls enterprise whether has license, in of suburbs County or compared remote of place, exists some no license of small factory, no formal of production plant, every few days to of replaced place, sometimes customer make has payment money, until take goods Shi, is find not to people has, this phenomenon does not rare, so reminded customized overalls of customer, must to view related of documents procedures, material. 2, and customized overalls enterprise of factory scale, customized overalls enterprise of factory scale, can reflect out this enterprise of strength, can enterprise of accounted for to area, and plant area, and workers number, and machine equipment number, hardware supporting facilities, see Enterprise is strength customized overalls, addition into scale of enterprise reputation degrees than high, customized overalls compared assured, regardless of customized price, and overalls fabric, and Exchange time are has guarantee.

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