Coveralls Are Easily Damaged Parts

- Oct 23, 2017-

There are many advantages to the custom Coveralls for the staff, but in the actual use of the Coveralls we can not find many parts of the Coveralls are easy to damage. Xiaobian to the following simple to introduce these vulnerable parts of the damage.

1, zipper

Staff zipper is one of the most vulnerable parts of the market, cheap Coveralls on the market are plastic material, simple work, pull a few times is easy to damage, to bring a lot of inconvenience to the work, so we can do in the staff Coveralls zipper Good work, the use of metal zipper most appropriate.

2, pocket

Waist pocket can be said that employees use the most frequent a part of the pocket often need to install the work of the parts and components needed, pocket fabric or pocket work is too simple, easily lead to tearing the pocket, not only affect the image of staff Coveralls , But also cause trouble to work.

3, cuffs

Coveralls cuffs at work often with the mechanical equipment and other friction, so the cuffs to withstand wear and tear, fabric to good quality, sewing technology is best used in the most widely used anti-packet double-line sewing process, fine workmanship, Tight alignment, so as to be strong and wearable.

4, hem loose

After the long-term use of staff Coveralls, coat hem is particularly easy to relax, so in the hem design, the use of dual-car hem design, tightness moderate, to the staff wearing a comfortable experience, but also long-term wear is not easy to relax.

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