Cotton Coveralls Cleaning Tips

- Oct 23, 2017-

Wearing cotton Coveralls to work will inevitably get dirty, cotton Coveralls dirty after the method because do not know how to wash, stains are very difficult to clean. Many people will feel very troubled, just to the new cotton overalls and immediately dirty, the new clothes seconds to change the old clothes that kind of pain who understand? What are the washing methods for cotton Coveralls?

1. Cotton Coveralls flushing method

For heavily polluted clothing, or on the clothes heavily polluted parts, can be dipped in a dry brush with a soft brush to wash. Rinse force can not be too heavy, force to be uniform. Flushing is an important way in dry cleaning.

Second, cotton Coveralls dry picking agent selection

Dry cleaning clothes with the skills, dry cleaning agent is difficult to recover, the greater the spoil. From the economic concept of departure, in addition to individual cases of the use of tetrachlorethylene, most of the use of cheap 120 # solvent gasoline, or with high levels of alcohol. In addition, these two solvents are less toxic than tetrachlorethylene and evaporate quickly. But both solvents are flammable. The use of non-fire operation, we must pay attention to fire, to prevent the loss caused by fire.

Three. Cotton Coveralls wiping method

Wiping method is soaked with a dry towel towel to wipe off the dirt on the clothes, so that the dust was dissolved in a dry lotion and attached to the towel. Wipe, while wiping the edge of the towel in the dry lotion to wash, through the towel on the clothes after all the dirt are dissolved in the wash solution, and then to clean the intention of decontamination.

4. cotton Coveralls pre-stains

Coveralls custom craft before dry cleaning, the first thing to remove the dust on the surface of clothing, the local heavy stains, the use of tetrachlorethylene and high-performance stains to be removed, especially for water-soluble stains should use high-quality washing liquid, or alcohol Liquid wipe away. When the clothes on the water-soluble stains removed, the dry cleaning.

5. Cotton Coveralls immersion method

In order to prevent the alienation of wool, in order to prevent the alienation of clothing, can put the clothes into the dry lotion solution, with both hands carry the way to wash the brush, compared to valuable clothing are applicable to this method of washing, this approach to the scrubber Loss is great. After the scrubbing of the laundry is completed, the used dry lotion solution is loaded into the closed container and the dirt is separated after deposition to continue the application.

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