Cleaning Tips For Custom Uniforms

- Dec 06, 2016-

First, can be attached to the material on the surface of dust and sweat out of uniform and into the water, which can improve the quality of work clothes washed, they can save detergent. Can make use of water penetration, and the fabric cleaning solution before you enter can be fully expanded so that dirt floating on the surface by the squeeze in the eyes and easy to remove. Second, some poor wash fastness-colour fabric easy bleaching, work uniforms soaked in advance to find these problems in time, easy to take preventive measures in the washing process. Sufficient water soaked cloth, soak clothes according to variety, material, new and old, dirty clean and colour fastness to decide. In General, down 510 minutes fiber clothing for 15 minutes, worsted wool clothing-1520 minutes woolen woollen clothing 20,130 minutes, blankets, sweaters and 20 minutes.

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