Chinese Civil Aviation Uniforms Wearing Requirements

- May 05, 2017-

On the Chinese civil aviation uniforms wearing requirements, today finally met. Today, my question is about work security places dress (mainly wearing reflective signs clothing) requirements whether there is a uniform standard, our airport due to geographical restrictions, the area of the growth area of the ramp, only one for the maintenance of vehicles through the bridge The road between the bridge and the bridge is very small, and the bridge between the bridge and the bridge is also very small, the vehicle driving on the security staff posed a certain threat, so I set the airport with a reflective strip of the warning vest, the staff in the When you enter the security ground, you should wear the vest. But my airport arranged by the reflective strip vest, due to wear a long time, the reflective strip above the silver powder has been off, especially at night has been unable to achieve the role of reflective, and the airport did not update the plan (already more Made the unsolved problem), so that wearing the reflective vest is actually only a form, and for their own safety does not have any meaning. In addition, the airline's staff of the anti-reflective style uniforms above the reflective effect is very good, can take the reflective strip of the warning vest to cancel, unified the reflective printed on the work clothes above (the effect is the same), civil aviation Aviation industry standards whether there is this specification, please help experts to answer, thank you!

Expert Comments:

Article 114 of the Provisions on the Safety Management of Civil Airways Operation (CCAR-140), which came into effect on February 1, 2008, requires that all personnel engaged in security operations on the apron should wear working documents according to regulations, Wearing a work clothes, and equipped with reflective logo.

"CCAR-331SB-R1" also stipulates in Article 22 that workers should wear reflective clothing as required.

"Civil airport security audit checklist" on the ramp workers put forward a further clear requirements: should be wearing a chest with two 30mm wide, 40mm interval of the strip of light orange reflective vest operation.

To be frank, the units engaged in the operation of the apron have made a reflexive overalls for their own security personnel,

, But the safety of the ramp has played a positive role, but also the existence of the reporter mentioned the security risks. So that both the airport operators, or airlines, oil and other operations in the apron, must strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the Council, uniform dress to ensure that the production and operation of the apron safe and orderly.

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