Analysis Of Sewing Process Of Shirts Collar

- Jul 06, 2017-

Shirts collar sewing is a process more cumbersome, requiring a high degree of proficiency in sewing operations. Shirts collar sewing needle movement analysis and action optimization The main study is the shirts collar sewing activities in all the actions observed, the operator of the various actions to find and improve the ineffective action or waste phenomenon, so as to seek effort, Safe, economical operating methods, and ultimately improve operational efficiency. The following manufacturers to explain to you about the process analysis:

1, Overview of process analysis

Process analysis is based on the whole process of product or parts manufacturing process as the object of the use of process analysis methods and tools, one by one process is divided into processing, inspection, handling and stagnation of four kinds of state to record and analyze a method. From the first workplace to the last workplace, a comprehensive study of whether there is any redundant unreasonable homework, whether the procedure is reasonable, whether too much delay to wait too long, etc., by gradually analyzing the entire working procedure to improve Site space configuration, operating methods, improve work efficiency.

Process analysis also belongs to the macro analysis of the work site, which in many ways is the same as the process analysis, but more specific than the process analysis, the content is more detailed, so its use is more extensive than the process analysis.

2, shirts collar sewing process analysis

The use of effective methods of processing, the shirts collar sewing process of the process of recording the state of the record, analysis and improvement in the shirts collar sewing production activities, taken by a number of operators in the form of division of labor. To each person's work as the smallest process unit for process analysis, in the process of analysis of the use of symbols and language, such as illustrations of the expression of the text, giving a clear feeling.

3, the process of analysis The meaning of this definition can be summarized as the following:

Process analysis is a macro analysis of the phenomenon, it not only analyzes a production position, a link as the goal, but the whole system as the object of analysis, from the first link to the last link, from the first process to the last A process, the analysis of the overall process.

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