The most important three elements of designing work wear

- Mar 14, 2019-

Autumn/Winter Work Wear


First, targeted


When the customer needs to design the work wear, it is necessary to consider the specificity of the work wear. For a variety of different industries, different job positions, different genders and many other factors. In the final analysis, what kind of work to wear, what time to wear, different wearing places, what kind of work wear and so on.


Second, economic


Of course, like custom ceremony dress and special work wear, these are special needs and will not consider the price. However, when the average company custom work wear, they will consider the fabric grades of the overalls, the different styles, and the difficulty of design to take into account the cost performance of the work wear.


When ensuring that employees are comfortable in their work wear, also reduce the production cost of work wear for the company as much as possible, from the choice of fabrics, different styles, design difficulties, and the structure of the clothing.


Comfortable/Breathable Work Wear


Third, aesthetics


The unification of work wear is not only a need for the work environment, but also a symbol of the appearance of the company. According to the requirements put forward by the customer, combined with his work needs, company culture, age structure and body characteristics, the manufacturer will consider the measurement from the color, fabric, style, shape and matching of the clothing, and propose the best design plan for the customer,in order to create a new professional image that is rich in connotation and taste for customers.

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