Spring and summer clothes what fabric the most appropriate

- Dec 06, 2016-

Overalls with polyester-cotton yarn from spring to summer, is generally 35% cotton 65% polyester. This fabric is tough and durable, General machinery manufacturing industry can be. Then there is the pure cotton canvas, cotton yarn, fabric 100% cotton, the fabric most formal clothing enterprises after the finished garment will be handled through high temperature washing, so workers when they wear will not shrink, this fabric is comfortable and feels soft, not static, like welders, chemical industry, power companies will be required to use cotton fabrics. Summer dress half with pure cotton fine oblique, cotton canvas, good air permeability, workers wearing not hot, but as summer fabric is thin, cotton fabric is not too strong. There is also a CVC fabrics, the fabric 60% cotton 40% polyester, summer wear is also quite comfortable, as fabrics containing polyester, so durable than cotton fabric!

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