Introduction of clothes washing technology

- Dec 06, 2016-

1, General cleaning, GARMENT WASH normal wash, except that we are familiar with the washing to mechanization, the water temperature of about 60 °-90 ° c, add some detergent, after about 15 minutes of normal wash, water and softener, the fabric is soft, comfortable and visually more natural cleaner. Usually washing according to the length of time and amount of chemicals, GARMENT WASH light and can be divided into general cleaning, General cleaning, GARMENT WASH. Usually light GARMENT WASH for about 5 minutes, GARMENT WASH for 15 minutes or so, the heavy GARMENT WASH for about 30 minutes. 2 wash/stone, stone, stone-washed in the wash water by adding a certain size of pumice, pumice polishing with her dress, in front of the stone can be carried out using washing or rinsing, rinsing after the stone. Depending on the customer requirement, Yellowstone, Pak Shek, AAA can be used stone, artificial stone, rubber ball wash to achieve a different result, washed, rendered on canvas grey, old, clothing has a mild to severe damage.

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