Fire-retardant uniform wear method is simple and easy to learn

- Dec 06, 2016-

Now a lot of people wear clothing at work, this uniform shape and general work clothes are very similar, but much larger than the General work clothes, and wear is very easy, you only need to read it again you can learn, can be said to be those required of a garment factory with special requirements. In wear flame retardant overalls must first expand checked overalls, no matter where you want to double check, only to ensure clothes are intact you can wear, and this is a necessary measure to protect their personal safety. Checking work clothes to be put on, in the first leg when wearing jumpsuits, then the upper body. When clothes is wearing boots, boots to ensure the leg completely wrapped by boots, or would likely result in leg burns. Finally, wear gloves. Though such a simple method, but one problem is very much in need of attention, only ensures that each and every detail error can play the biggest role.

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