Different textures and styles of clothes washing tips

- Dec 06, 2016-

Different textures and styles of clothes, washing methods tend to have different durability on all garment washing labels, follow garment washing labels marked on the washing method for washing is generally the best choice. If there are no conditions or for other reasons cannot be shown on the label of the washing method for washing, should choose the mild washing methods, paying particular attention to washing methods that cannot be provided on the label is not available, do not bleach, do not dry clean, etc. Cotton flame retardant and flame retardant working clothes fabrics suitable for general industrial thermal protection. In the fire and clothes on fire, you should leave as soon as possible fire/heat, rock clothes, and clothes off as soon as possible. Flame retardant properties of flame-retardant cotton fabric is the result of a series of chemical treatments on adhesion to fiber, so washing needs special attention in order to save it as long as possible protective effect.

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