Custom Workwear metal accessories selection considerations

- Dec 06, 2016-

Metal buckle and zipper, washable, wash fastness resistance: metal zipper tape resistant and buttons washing is an important indicator. The zipper tape is made of 100% polyester woven using high temperature dyeing with disperse dyes. Staining of the fade to single fibers or fibrous cloth caused the degree of staining. Resistance SOAP wash fastness of bad depends on two aspects: a is dye itself and fiber molecular between mutual role force of size, force big is dye molecular difficult to was SOAP wash out fiber surface, force small is instead; II is in dyeing Hou finishing process in the, fiber surface dye molecular of residues volume, if Hou road processing compared completely, surface dye residues volume will will little, SOAP wash on hard makes zipper cloth with fade. Wear resistance: sweat is accompanied by the Sun.

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