Anti-static overalls

- Dec 06, 2016-

Different uniforms for different characteristics, so before you made work clothes need to know its corresponding role, anti-static work uniforms can effectively inhibit clothing static electricity, to eliminate or minimise the risks of electrostatic discharge. Human activities is conducted in static voltage value is much higher than on the clothing many ESD damage threshold of electrostatic sensitive devices, then touching or close to these components is likely to cause damage to the sensor. Also need to point out that, generally considered wearing cotton work uniforms can prevent clothes accumulation of static electricity, and security. Actually this view is one-sided, only when only when the relative humidity of the air is above 50%; when the relative humidity is low, the charges of cotton products increased significantly. Tests showed that when the relative humidity is lower than 30%, charged cotton fabric and polyester; and when the relative humidity is lower than 20%, cotton fabrics amount charged even higher than some synthetic fabrics.

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